Working Australian Kelpie in North America - Ranch dog, sheep dog, cattle dog - all around stockdog.


Working Australian Kelpies are found on ranches and farms across North America.The Working Australian Kelpie can replace two hired hands.Contact a Working Australian Kelpie Breeder Today

The Working Kelpie - USA

Find out more about the Australian Working Kelpie.  Links to the Kelpie Registry, breeders, information and other resources. With tens of thousands of Kelpies going to work each day in Australia and several thousand here in North America, this is not a "rare" breed.

In North America the Working Kelpie has been used and raised as a working livestock dog. This breed has not carried a high visibility profile in North America as it has been used and bred almost exclusively in working environments in the United States and Canada for close to, or more than, 75 years.

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